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Re: FAQ on debian newcomer list

kamaraju kusumanchi wrote:
> I would appreciate any feedback/corrections/suggestions etc., (however
> trivial you think they are) on the following FAQ on debian-user. The
> final corrected version will be uploaded to
> http://people.cornell.edu/pages/kk288/du-guidelines.html . I am posting
> the initial version for your kind consideration.
Cool, great work. A few thoughts:

Q2. I think that google should be the first place to search and the
first question to answer.

I think that the second question should be a link to ESR
This would permit new users learn how to ask questions with better
chance to get answers.

Q3. It would be better to specify distributions by name (sarge, etch,
sid) in order to better archive the post. You can search later for the
problem and have a clue of what distribution they apply to.

Q4. I think that you should remark the removing of parts irrelevant to
the answer in order to remain to the point in the replys to the post.

Overall, this is a very good start.

PD. What is needed in order to add a link to this faq in the automated
mail sent during list subscription. It is possible? There is some place
in the policy of the list or in debian's that says that it is impossible?

> Thanks in advance
> raju

Miguel Cobá

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