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Re: Immortal processes

Hi Marc,

> I am having a similar problem.  I keep my box on 24x7 and X is up the 
> whole time.  I have a window devoted to TkRemind to provide me with a 
> calendar.  It also pops up a reminder window each night at midnight with 
> the next day's reminders.  The problem is that it runs remind each time 
> to get the new reminders and then it leaves the zombie process behind, 
> and it can not be killed, even with a signal 9.  (Even as root, I can 
> not get rid of these processes.) 

a zombie process is a different thing. Zombie processes don't exist anymore,
and their memory has already been freed. The only thing left is the return
code, which the parent process can retrieve via C's wait(), waitpid() and
friends. As long as the father process doesn't recollect its dead children
(or terminates itself), those zombies will remain and, because they're no
real processes anymore, not respond to signals.

So summing up, this sounds like a bug in TkRemind... where exactly is
TkRemind? Could you name me the package? (I'd go look myself, but packages.d.o
is currently down...)



Jan C. Nordholz
<jckn At gmx net>

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