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Re: window manager.

> I use fluxbox, whether for light wm requirement, and also in my desk.
> It's easy to config, it's pretty light, but it also allows fancy
> stuff if you want it to.  For me it's the only wm in all boxes
> (laptops, desktops, remote connections through VNC, etc.).  There are
> others also, I've seen messages about icewm lately, but I'm so
> confortable with fluxbox that I'll hardly change it (besides,
> debian-hurd doesn't come with it I believe, and I want something
> comming for both kernels).  fvwm is said to be light with the right
> configuration, but I just don't like it that much and from my VNC
> experience (at work I use VNC all day) I feel fluxbox even lighter
> than fvwm when not using transparency, using light style, etc.

You're using hurd?
How do you feel with this kernel?
I don't think is for servers now.

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