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Re: window manager.

On 1/9/06, Mauro Sanna <mauro.sanna@comune.cagliari.it> wrote:
> Hello.
> Can you suggest me a light window manager to use via vnc in internet?
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I use fluxbox, whether for light wm requirement, and also in my desk. 
It's easy to config, it's pretty light, but it also allows fancy stuff
if you want it to.  For me it's the only wm in all boxes (laptops,
desktops, remote connections through VNC, etc.).  There are others
also, I've seen messages about icewm lately, but I'm so confortable
with fluxbox that I'll hardly change it (besides, debian-hurd doesn't
come with it I believe, and I want something comming for both
kernels).  fvwm is said to be light with the right configuration, but
I just don't like it that much and from my VNC experience (at work I
use VNC all day) I feel fluxbox even lighter than fvwm when not using
transparency, using light style, etc.

Have fun in your quest, :)

--  Javier  --

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