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Re: How do I automate this?

Tyson Varosyan wrote:
Could someone post a bit more of a step-by step for this? I am still very
new to Linux...


Tyson Varosyan
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Subject: Re: How do I automate this?

Tyson Varosyan wrote:

I want my box to run these 2 commands as it boots - before anyone even logs

I want the computer to run

	modprobe usbserial vendor=0xc88 product=0x17da maxSize=2048

You can load modules with all the necessary options using modconf program (apt-get installable).

pause for about 3 seconds and then run

	wvdial verizon

Not sure about the 3 seconds delay. Others might help you with this one. But I guess once you load the usbserial module with modconf, you can write a rcS.d script to run everytime the computer boots.


To install modconf:
  apt-get install modconf
(don't know whether this is installed by default, but a try won't hurt)

then run:

You'll get a list of module types; search for something with kernel/drivers/usb - you'll probably get a number of those try to find something that also has 'serial' in it's name in that list (don't know if there will be something like that) otherwise, just go through the each of the usb items -- the goal is to find 'usbserial' once you find the usbserial - hit enter, and fill in the options (the same as you use with modprobe) hit enter again and it will tell you it's been setup; then you can exit (escape exit's one menu each time)

to start the wvdial program, you can make a file like /etc/init.d/startwvdial just containing the command to execute (wvdial verizon) this is not executed directly after the loading of the module; however, if you want to ensure a delay of at least 3 seconds, you can do
  sleep 3
which should do exactly that

(it is important that the file name is not the name of a debian package to ensure it will not get overwritten) then finaly, to make it start on runtime, you can do `update-rc.d -n startwvdial defaults`, the -n only tells you what the program would do -- if it just tells you it ads some links repeat without the -n :
  update-rc.d startwvdial defaults

hope that helps


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