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Re: dialup internet connection + mc = long startup

On Sat, Jan 07, 2006 at 03:28:01AM +0300, Roman Makurin wrote:
> Hi All!
> At home I`ve got slow dialup internet connection and when I connect to 
> internet mc startup time becomes very long - about 20 seconds :) When I 
> disconect everything goes fine - strtup less then a second. I think it`s 
> resolver issues but I don`t know what I need to do. Does anyone know what I 
> need to do to solve my problem ?

Yes, it might be related to a name lookup problem.  Does name resolving
work properly otherwise?
IIRC, mc does call gethostbyname(3) under certain circumstances -- I
think it had to do with samba VFS in particular, but it might also get
called upon regular startup for some reason...

Does it also hang when you simply do "mc -V", and when you temporarily
move away ~/.mc/ini?

You might try starting it under ltrace to figure out where it's
spending its time.  Something like

$ ltrace -f -S -r -n 2 -o /tmp/mc.ltrace  mc

The -r produces another output column with relative timings of the
individual calls.  Watch out for those that take considerable time...
Also check whether a call to gethostbyname() is actually being made.

(Note that the screen might get messed up when running mc under ltrace
or strace, and you can't any longer terminate it normally.  In that
case try ^C or simply kill it from another terminal...)

Other info that might (or might not :) help is:

* the contents of
  /etc/resolv.conf  (are the specified nameservers working?)

* are you using samba?

* the usual stuff, like
  version of mc (or better, full output of "mc -V")
  debian flavor, kernel version

Good luck,

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