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Re: newbies needing help for graphic login

Andy Streich wrote:

On Friday 06 January 2006 12:48 pm, kamaraju kusumanchi wrote:
Andy Streich wrote:
In addition to the other suggestions on how to improve the newbie
experience, I would add creating yet another mailing list specifically
for people trying to establish a stable installation.  Like other
diehards on this list I can filter 150 emails/day.  That's not true for
all and a newbie especially.


debian-boot already exists. See http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/ for
more information.

I took a quick peek at that list. It's not what you think it is but rather "Developing the installation system
Discussion and maintenance of the Debian installation system."

That is, it's for developers, not newbies.

Sorry. When you said "stable installation" in the previous email, I took it the other way. debian-boot is definitely not a newbie list if that is what you want. It is a list to resort to if you are having installation problems. For example, if the installtion from a net installtion CD did not work for some reason (say new unsupported hardware etc.,) that is the place to talk to....

It is for developers as well as for users.


Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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