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Re: "superblock last write time is in the future" on boot

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:

On Fri, 06 Jan 2006, Ray Lanza wrote:
Is using UTC the last word for this problem?  I must dual-boot with windows on my machine.

No, of course not.  It is the _easiest_ fix.  It is becoming aparent that we
can do a much better fix in glibc, but I need to investigate more.  And
there is always the workaround of setting TZ in /etc/init.d/hwclockfirst.sh
for the meanwhile.
It seems like I had this on a newly-installed Sid box the other day. After I installed "ntpdate" the problem went away (but I was fighting several problems at once, so no guarantees that this had any relevance).


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