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Re: [Way OT] "#!/bin/bash" changes working directory


export PWD

echo $PWD


On Thu, 5 Jan 2006 14:25:10 -0500
Luis Finotti <luis.finotti@gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I realize that this should be "way off topic", so sorry about that...
> I've been working on a bash script, but when I run something like:
> ---------------
> #!/bin/bash
> echo $(pwd)
> ----------------
> I always get $HOME, not the current working directory.  I'd need to
> continue in the working directory from where the script was called to
> work on the files there.  (I'd like it to be portable too, so although
> it seems to work in my home machine running sarge, it doesn't work
> with Fedora or OSX...)
> I look at my "Classic Shell Scripting" book and glanced over the
> "Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide" (by Mendel Cooper), but could not find
> any reference to this.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Best to all,
> Luis
> P.S.: feel free to CC me back.

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