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Re: ssh to remote machine with user login problem

Thanks for your mail.I have tried to copy .ssh folder from root to the users account and the permissions are 600 and the file is owned by the user and still i am getting the enter the password.
Thanks for your time

Pavlos Parissis <p_pavlos@freemail.gr> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I have created a ssh key and i have copied that key over the remote
> machine.When i login as root ssh to remote machoine will work without
> problem.When i try to login as user every time it is asking for the
> password.
> some one help me how to make it work with the user login where i need to
> check or i nees to copy key file to user home directory.

You need to copy the 'authorized_keys' file from the ssh directory of the root
(/root/.ssh/) to the user ssh directory(~/.ssh) and then make sure that the
file is owned by that user and the permissions are 600.

>From security point of view you shouldn't use the same public key to access the
system as root and as user. But that takes down to your preference.


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