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Re: Openoffice 2.0 user interface font

MrVanes wrote:
> Today I found OpenOffice 2.0 trickled down into testing, yay!
> The first annoyance however smacked me in the face when I saw the default
> userinterface font. I allready found out how to change this using font
> replacement for 'Andale Sans UI', but I don't understand the following
> things:
> 1. What does the 'use system font for user interface' setting refer to?
> 2. Where is this defined without the above checked? Esp: size!

Take a look at: http://mrmazda.no-ip.com/auth/Font/fonts-system.html

The whole idea of system fonts isn't very evolved yet. They've been
around a while, but the number of apps actually using them remains
pitifully small.
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