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Re: SOLVED: New kernel unable to mount/see a whole HD

* Andrew Sackville-West <andrew@farwestbilliards.com> [2006 Jan 03 12:13 -0600]:
> J.F. Gratton wrote:
> >solved, but not at my full satisfaction...
> >
> >I compiled the kernel with initrd support and it went fine, using a
> >2.6.12-10 config file.
> >
> >I therefore voided one of the main gain I wanted by building my own
> >kernel: getting rid of initrd. I still got my own kernel at the time I
> >wanted (ie: not waiting for the distro to issue one), but hey.. one
> >cannot win everywhere :)
> This is something I've wondered about for a while watching various 
> kernel compile threads. What is the purpose of getting rid of initrd? 
> What is the advantage (or dis-, I suppose) of this?

The advantages are probably slightly less storage space required, a few
less steps building one's own kernels, and a perceived speedup in
system start time.

I always built my own kernels until about a year ago when it seemed I
was always missing some obscure option to enable some functionality I
hadn't thought about beforehand.  The stock Debian kernels are so well
done that it's not worth my time for whatever small performance gain I
may have gotten.  Also, it's much easier installing certain packages
with the Debian kernels.  Sure, I don't use about 75% of the modules
included, but drive space is cheaper than my time.

- Nate>>

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