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Re: Autoexec.bat

Anil Gupte wrote:
Is there an equivalent of the autoexec.bat file in Debian?

Probably the closest equivalent is the whole rc.d structure which includes the /etc/init.d directory which contains all your startup scripts and the various /etc/rc*.d directories which contain links to those scripts to start or kill them as required for the various run-levels. as others have said, to mount somehting at boot, put it in /etc/fstab with "auto". To do other stuff at boot, make or edit /etc/init.d/local with whatever you want to do, and symlink it into the appropriate runlevel rc*.d


Basically I
want to execute a scrpt and maybe mount a USB port on startup.
Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanx,
Anil Gupte
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