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Re: xscreensaver + kde

* Yuri Pakhomov <marvel@me.by> [2006 Jan 03 09:30 -0600]:
> > Do you see any screensaver-related error messages in ~/.xsession-errors
> > when you try to access the screensaver through the KDE control center?
> > 
> > Did you install the package "kscreensaver"?
> There aro no erros - seems screensaver daemon just dont run when
> starting kde. Does kscreensaver use xscreensaver savers? [:)]
> I just need to start xscreensaver daemon automatically (when i do it
> manually all works fine until reboot)

The kscreensaver-xsavers package handles the classic xscreen savers and
the xscreensaver daemon does not run under KDE.  The OpenGL savers are
available as well.

I've noticed that running an OpenGL screen saver under KDE causes the
screen to flash as though there is some contention between KDE and the
GL saver's handling of the root display.  The 2D savers don't exhibit
this effect.  When I run xscreensaver from IceWM the display is clear
and crisp with no flashing.  I assume that the problem is not hardware
or Xorg related.

- Nate >>

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