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Gdesklets and shutdown

I'm running IceWM and Gdesklets. When I log-out of IceWM, Gdesklets
alerts me if I want to delete the current running desklets before
it'll let me log out.  I.e., what this'll do is remove any running
desklets so that they won't appear next time I log in - not what I
want to happen.

Supposedly, I can run 'gdesklets stop' before existing IceWM, but
I've tried this and it does absolutely nothing (i.e., gdesklets is
still running).

Anyone else have this problem?  Note: I did not have this problem
running Gdesklets under Gnome.  Also, I've already posted this to
IceWM's mailing list and also to Gdesklet's forum (which is pretty
much dead) w/o resolution

Thanks for reading,

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