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Re: Where's the d@mn GUI?

Chinook wrote:

> I remember during the upgrade to etch that I selected Xfree86 where
> I'm not sure I did back with stable.  Could that have anything to do
> with the problem, and if so how do I go about reversing that decision???

You probably want to run X.org now rather than XFree86.

I'm not sure what package needs to be reconfigured for that; I'd
probably try "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg".

Let's try something simple.

Edit/create "~/.xinitrc" and place the single line
into it.

Now "sudo aptitude install icewm".

Now run "startx 2> errors.txt"

If/when X fails to start, send the contents of "~/errors.txt" to the list.


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