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Re: Where's the d@mn GUI?

Chinook wrote:

> I've moved up to etch and the 2.6 kernel.  In the upgrade I remember
> selecting "dialog" as such was the best at the time.  Now though, I'd
> like to get back to KDE (login and sessions).  I was using KDE before
> I started the upgrade. I'm sure it's some simple little thing, but I
> can't seem to find it in the reeeeams of reference material :-( 

"dialog" doesn't have anything to do with X; it is a text-based
"windowing" environment used for asking questions of you during various
stages of configuration.

For example, when you install kdm or gdm, and a text-based "window" pops
up and asks if you want to use kdm or gdm, that's the "dialog" program
that draws that "window". Other programs besides "dialog" can be used,
and that's what you were asked when you chose "dialog", but "dialog" is
probably the best app for most people.

So, your problem with X lies elsewhere.

I'd suggest running "startx", and report any errors that are generated.
You can see the last few lines after X fails to start on the text
screen, which will usually point at the culprit, or you can look in the
log file at "/var/log/Xorg.o.log" (or "XFree86.0.log").

Chances are it's something simple, like failure to start the mouse


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