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Re: How to play these files on Debian (Sarge)

On 12/30/05, Marc Shapiro <mshapiro_42@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I'm being schizo and replying to myself, again.  Xine seems to actually
> be doing the job, at least with the w32codec installed.  (I will try it
> w/o the codec tomorrow.)  So far it is the only player that is playing a
> .mov file.  How does it do on other file types (RealAudio, MPEG, mp3,
> OGG, other Quicktime formats, etc)?  Any feedback from actual users
> would be appreciated.  If Xine can do all the work, then I can get rid
> of the others.  One media player for all formats would be my ideal, if
> it can be done.

I use xine for pretty much everything (ogg vorbis being the major
exception).  With the w32codecs and Real codecs installed, if xine
can't handle it there's a good chance that it can't be done on Linux. 
And it can do DVD navigation, which is something that I could never
get working with mplayer.

Michael A. Marsh

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