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Test Page prints fine, Can't print on SMB Shared Printer

Synopsis: GNOME/Debian prints a test page using an
ethernet LAN to a Windows 95 machine, but
still cannot print from applications.
Booting from either Knoppix or Kanotix LiveCD
and configuring the printer works fine.

Google turned up no help on this.

Windows Machine:
HP DeskJet 895c connected to Win95 machine
All local print functions work properly
Machine shares printer
Windows Work Group: Rocky&Friends
Machine Name: BORIS
Printer Name: BORIS_PRINT
This machine has been working as a print server for
four years at least with no changes.

Debian Machine:

This machine has used BORIS as a print server successfully
for over four years. It ran WinNT without problems using the remote
printer. This machine was recently converted to use Debian.
No other changes in configuration have taken place.

Debian Setup...

2.1GHz Celeron
2.4.27-2-386 #1 Mon May 16 16:47:51 JST 2005 i686 GNU/Linux
GNOME 2.8.3

[Only one printer configured]

gives a dialogue box. Selected the printer named DeskJet895c, which has
already been configured before but which does not actually print remote
RightClick Properties->BecomeAdministrator
 Enter root password
Set driver to DeskJet 895c (recommended)
Set Connection to Network->Windows (SMB)
 set to BORIS and BORIS_PRINT in the two
 fields provided
Click PrintTestPage and test page prints without
Click Close (not just close the window, used the button).

Start Mozilla web browser.
File->Print->To Printer->Postscript/DeskJet895c

Mozilla thinks the print job was queued with no problem, but
the printer does not respond.

Looked in /var/spool/cups and there are only two files,
with the current date; one is a directory
/var/spool/cups/tmp which is empty,
and the other is /var/spool/cups/c00004 which is
a binary file, 602 bytes and appears to be a description of the
test page print job.

Rebooting the same machine using Knoppix LiveCD, starting SMB,
and configuring the printer works fine, but running from a LiveCD
is not really desirable. (Kanotix LiveCD also works with this

I'm at something of a loss to know how to continue configuring
this printer or figuring out what is wrong. Some parts of
Debian seem to know how to use the printer, since the print
test page works, and the apps seem to think they can queue
jobs to it, but nothing actually prints.

Any pointers or help appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

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