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Re: trying to use reportbug to report the following bug

On Thu, Dec 29, 2005 at 05:42:54PM -0500, Chris Howie wrote:
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> Paul:
> Exim should be set up and configured to provide a sendmail facility.  More
> likely is the case that your ISP blocks outbound SMTP connections, and you
> haven't configured Exim to use a smarthost to deliver mail.
That's the way it's set up on the slow laptop (too slow for T-Bird) that 
I am replying from now.  I may not have to time to do that on the 
decktop that had the nanourl/apache2 problem.  I may try to install 
reportbug on this machine and report the bug from here.

BTW I tried "Reply to list" for this response (from mutt) and discovered 
it's not that magical.  I appararently have to first tell mutt about any 
lists I want that to work for.



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