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Installing testing: can't get cable Internet after reboot

I have a PC with an AMD64 chip. I have two disks with different versions of debian on them. The first system (which I will call "K") is Kanotix which I regularly update from Debian unstable. It has been working well for quite a while. The second system (which I will call "T") is Debian testing based on the 12/12/05 release on CDs. I select which system to boot in the hardware by using cables and jumpers for the drives. When K is booted, it can see T. I prefer to completely disconnect K when I am in T.

Both systems connect to the Internet using a cable modem connected to an ethernet board. I have had the following problem twice with sytem T: I install the system and it works for a while. I spend this time installing packages and running updates using aptitude and/or synaptic. This process involves a number of reboots of T. After one of these reboots, I cannot connect to the Internet. Afterwards, each time I reboot again, I have the same problem.

Here are some packages that might be relevant:

package        installed on
dh-make        K
dhcp-client    K  T
dhcp3-common   K
dhcp3-server   K
dnsmasq        K
dnsutils       K  T
host           K
libdns20       K  T

The following line is in "ps ax" for both systems:
dhclient -e -pf /var/run/dhclient.eth0.pid -lf /var/run/dhclient.eth0.leases e
This line occurs for K only:
/usr/sbin/dnsmasq -u dnsmasq

The first time I had the problem I solved it by reinstalling Debian. Ugh. The second time the bad boot happened after I had configured KDE.

How can I solve my problem? Do I need to install dnsmasq on T? If so, can I download it to K then copy it somewhere in T?

Anyone know how to turn Kanotix into pure Debian unstable?

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