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Re: Problem about soundcard fail to work after a power failure.

haoniukun wrote:
I have a create SB 5.1 soundcard with the chip emu10k1x.
The soundcard worked excellently for me before the power failure.
But after a power failure this afternoon, it doesn't work for me.:(
Message at the boot time indicates that alsa fail to initialize with error code -5.
Will some help me with this?
Do I have to recompile my kernel.
My present kernel is compiled by myself.
Maybe some old file still exists caused my soundcard's malfunction.

Which version of the kernel are you using? Are you on Debian Unstable?

I have noticed myself that the alsa initscripts no longer work 100% with
my "old" 2.6.12 kernel, even though they worked fine when 2.6.12 was the
newest kernel in Debian Sid. With the 2.6.14 kernel everything works
nicely. My guess is that there were some udev-related changes to the
alsa scripts which rely on some features of kernel 2.6.14. (I did not
investigate this any further, since I nowadays only boot into the 2.6.12
kernel briefly when I want to install a newly-compiled version of

Therefore I would say that updating your kernel (and maybe also the rest
of your system) might solve your problem. Before doing that you can try
"dpkg-reconfigure alsa-base" and "dpkg-reconfigure alsa-utils" and see
what happens.

There is also the remote possibility that the power failure has
corrupted your file system. However, modern file systems such as ext3 or
reiser are pretty resilient to this, therefore I would guess that the
power failure was only the occasion for you to notice this problem since
it caused a reboot.


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