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Re: Why does Debian default to Gnome?

David Kirchner writes:
> Or, better yet, modified so that removing an application doesn't cause
> the user to be presented with the scary demand that they also remove
> "gnome".

I know of no way to do that with the present dependancy mechanism.

> I'm not too familiar with the packages, but I understand there's an
> "optional" type as opposed to a "required" type.

There are 'required', 'important', 'standard', 'optional', and 'extra'
priorities.  Gnome is 'optional'.  See debian-policy.

> If Evolution was "optional" would it force the user to confirm removing
> gnome as well?

Evolution is also 'optional', but that doesn't help.  Priorities don't do
what you want them to.  They are mostly just administrative classes.
John Hasler

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