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Re: udev package and sysvinit

Roseland, Winton wrote:
I appreciate your help.  It did seem to work: I had to install sysv-rc
and I did purge hotplug.  After reboot I could not find the usb camera
although the syslog showed several entries for a new Fuji drive and one
was "... sdb: sdb1", so I thought I could mount /dev/sdb1 but I get an
invalid device error.  My network is through the usb200m device and
although the modules are loading, I have no net.  Ifconfig just shows
the loopback device.  I do have a "/dev/net/tun" entry so I thought the
net should work.

I am happy to hear that things worked out for you so far.

I can give you a few more hints about integrating USB devices into the
desktop environment. (Since you mentioned Knoppix in your original post
I am assuming that you are using KDE.) The following steps got me
started on my Debian/Sid system, maybe they work for you, too:

1) Make sure the packages "hal", "dbus-1" and "pmount" are installed.

2) Make sure that the "capability" module is loaded before the
hal-daemon is started, either by doing "modprobe capability" followed by
"invoke-rc.d dbus-1 restart" or by including the module in /etc/modules
and rebooting.

3) Go to "K-Menu > Control Center > Desktop > Behavior > Device Icons"
and check the box "Show device icons" and the sub-items "Camera",
"Mounted removable medium" and "Unmounted removable medium". You can of
course also check other things which are relevant for you, for example
"Audio CD", "Video CD", "Mounted CD-ROM", "Unmounted CD-ROM", etc.

With me these steps were enough to make a device icon appear on the
desktop whenever I plug in a USB device or insert a CD into the drive. I
can then click on the icon to mount the device and access it in a
Konqueror window. (This is independent of the entries in /etc/fstab,
which is the main advantage of using pmount.)

I hope this helps.


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