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Holiday computer access problems!

Happy holiday to all!

I'm at my parent place trying to access my home computer but are having serious problems:
I have three computers one at my parents (Win XP), one in a server rack witch I have root access via SSH(debian stable), and my home computer (debian unstable) which seem to only have port 80 open, I think my ISP have a firewall, but I dont know.
I usually do portgatway yes on my server in sshd.conf and forward my port 22 on my home computer via port 4567 on my server computer, now however all my port forwarding stuff seems to be dead, I cant access my home computer :/
I want to ssh in to my computer and restart my port forwardning processes.
I have a ssh connection from my home computer to my server via ssh, can I take that process over somehow to restart the stuff?
I have of course root password to my home computer and my user account on that computer. Is there a way to perhaps telnet to port 80 and somehow get a login prompt, from which I can log in as root or any user?

I feel that this problem perhaps is a lost cause, I have tried everything I can think of. And I realize that this probably is regarded as hacking a computer.
Does anyone have any ideas how I can solve this?

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