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lexmark 1100

Hi ,
I've been trying to install this printer for long time , nothing help :

1. Through cups - (  http://localhost:631/printers) I see the printer
module in the list but nothing comes out .
2. Through LPRNG - I follow the apsfilterconfig instruction , I get
the printer module from a list but when printing (test paage) it tells
me that "it can't add the lm1100 " .

I'm confused , seeing the printer in the list means that the driver is
properly installed ?

I downloaded  the driver from linuxprinting site , I need to compile
and add a patch , should I know where to add it ...?

The documents (at the linuxprinting )  are  confusing and not clear
enough (for me ) do you have a good guide ? has anyone installed
Lexmark1100 ?


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