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Re: udev package and sysvinit

Winton Roseland wrote:
I am running Knoppix from my hard drive with kernel (I needed usb support for a recent model of linksys's usb200m that required a patch to asix.c in The problem I am having now is difficulty getting my usb camera to mount when I connect it. So I installed udev that required initsripts. The initscripts package tried to install /etc/init.d/checkfs.sh, but it is part of sysvinit package so apt-get will not install it. My system says that hotplug is partially unistalled so I hate to shut down. How can I correct this?

Uh-oh, are you mixing Debian Sid packages into a Knoppix-based
installation? This can cause trouble since Knoppix contains lots of
customizations and is therefore not fully compatible. Example:
checkfs.sh has been moved from package sysvinit to package initscripts
in Debian Sid, but obviously not in Knoppix. (If you are using some sort
of "pure" Knoppix repository - if such a thing exists - your problem is
a bug in Knoppix.)

There is a way to forcefully complete your installation of udev and
initscripts, but you have to understand that it might have adverse side
effects, depending how different the two versions of checkfs.sh are. You
can do the following, entirely at your own risk (please read the full
description before doing anything):

1) Make a backup copy of the presently installed /etc/init.d/checkfs.sh

2) As root do

dkpg --force-all -i /var/cache/apt/archives/initscripts_2.86.ds1-6_i386.deb

You may have to replace "initscripts_2.86.ds1-6_i386.deb" with the name
of the newest version of the package which exists in your
/var/cache/apt/archives directory. This will force the install by
overwriting the old version of /etc/checkfs.sh.

3) Now the rest of the installation can be completed by either "apt-get
install -f" or "aptitude upgrade -f". This should set up udev and remove
hotplug. If I remember correctly you will be asked to purge the config
files of hotplug yourself, watch out for the corresponding message
during the setup of udev.

4) Use diff to see if there are differences between the backup copy of
checkfs.sh and the newly installed version from package initscripts. If
the two versions are identical you are save. If there are differences I
have no way of knowing which version you should use and what the side
effects will be. This is the risky part of this procedure. If you want
to be careful you can use "dpkg-deb -x" on the initscripts*.deb file
in /var/cache/apt/archives: After extracting the new version of
checkfs.sh to some temporary directory you can compare the two versions
before you force the installation.

I hope this helps, but don't blame me if it doesn't.


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