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Re: Holiday computer access problems!

On Tue, 2005-12-27 at 02:26 +0100, Nils Erik Svangård wrote:
> I have three computers one at my parents (Win XP), one in a server
> rack witch I have root access via SSH(debian stable), and my home
> computer (debian unstable) which seem to only have port 80 open, I
> think my ISP have a firewall, but I dont know. 
> I usually do portgatway yes on my server in sshd.conf and forward my
> port 22 on my home computer via port 4567 on my server computer, now
> however all my port forwarding stuff seems to be dead, I cant access
> my home computer :/ 
> I want to ssh in to my computer and restart my port forwardning
> processes.

Ok, just to make sure I'm understanding you here. We're dealing with 3
machines. The XP one that your parents have isn't all that important.
For the other two, I'm kind of confused what you meant. This is what I'm

1) A Debian server somewhere with port 4567 being forwarded to port 22
on your home PC. (This server is NOT at your home)
2) A Debian PC at home with only port 80 publicly available, and with
port 22 (presumably) open only to connections from the IP of box #1.

If this is correct, then you can just connect to box #1 and do a direct
SSH connection to #2. If the port-forwarding isn't working it's either
because #1 isn't doing the forwarding correctly, or because #2 is down.

If I'm not understanding you correctly here, then please give us some
more details on how exactly the two boxes are connected.

> I have a ssh connection from my home computer to my server via ssh,
> can I take that process over somehow to restart the stuff?
> I have of course root password to my home computer and my user account
> on that computer. Is there a way to perhaps telnet to port 80 and
> somehow get a login prompt, from which I can log in as root or any
> user? 
I don't believe there's any way to do this. SSH server and client
processes only work in the direction they're supposed to, to the best of
my knowledge.

But if I got the part in #1 right, then you shouldn't need to get to
this point anyway.

Alex Malinovich
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