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Re: Re: set-up for watching video

On 12/26/05, kangja <kangja@singnet.com.sg> wrote:
> Thnaks for all the info provided. My worry about mplayer is that I have
> come across warnings about its IPR infringement. Is that nothing to
> worry about?

The problem is that in order to play Windows media clips, you need the
right codecs.  There is not, to the best of my knowledge, a 100% legal
way to do this.  If you've paid for Windows, you've got a copy of the
codecs, but the license does not permit use with any other player than
Microsoft's.  From your email address, it looks like you're in
Singapore, so the laws might be different for you.

That said, I've been very happy with xine for all my video needs.  You
can use the w32codecs with it, as well as Real's codecs.  Not that I'm
saying I *use* them.  I'm just saying there are configuration options
to specify the directories in which the codecs live.

For saving video, the best way I've found is to go to "Page Info"
(C-i), select the "Media" tab, and find the appropriate line.  There's
a handy "Save As..." button.

Michael A. Marsh

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