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Re: post install tidbits? [was Help with Linux selection please?]

Chinook wrote:
Andrew M.A. Cater spoketh:

Linux hearts card game on Google shows two good entries at the top.

One appears to be a project started this year: the other is about 9
years old on freshmeat. Those might be a good start to look at.

Mike McCarty spoketh:

Google is your friend. Searching for

+linux +hearts +card +game

got *several* hits.

I had googled and did again, and the only "hit" I find that is anywhere near close is hearts-1.98 (http://linux.softpedia.com/get/GAMES-ENTERTAINMENT/Fortune/Hearts-2573.shtml) -> (http://hearts.luispedro.org/) which when I tried to build it dies in the ./configure with something about X paths not found. When I do this sort of thing on my Mac I know where everything is, how to add to PATH/env variables, etc. Since one does not get up to speed overnight, I guess "hearts" will just have to wait until I do (unless someone has already installed it and wants to hold my hand =-O )


It sounds like you didn't install the X Window development package.
I'm not a Debian expert, so I can't help further in that direction.
For Fedora, I'd know just what to do. Sorry...

I'm sur someone here can help.

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