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Re: Booting Proliant 800

On Fri, 23 Dec 2005 22:22:49 +0100
Peter Teunissen <oneman@onemanifest.net> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I've just bought a cheap Proliant 800 PII 450 and would like to  
> install Debian on it. But it will not boot anything. It only tries
> to boot from a damaged Windoze NT install on it's disks but fails
> after the initial bootloader sequence.
> I've tried booting without any result:
> - sarge installer CD
> - Sarge bootfloppy
> - HP Smartstart 5.50
> It simply ignores the floppy or CD and start booting from disk.
> Even the setup utility (F10) results in a message: 'System partition  
> utilities not available on this system'
> I've googled but couldn't find info on how to setup this system to  
> boot a Linux installer.
> Does anyone have information on onstalling Debian on this system or  
> pointers to good info?

Do you have another computer you could put the Proliant's hard drive
in? You could try installing Linux on the hard drive and then putting
it back in the Proliant. Even though it (probably) won't be loading the
proper drivers at boot time, it should then have the tools you need to
get everything up and running. 

Of course, this option is harder if your Proliant has a Raid controller
in it and is booting from the raid array, like my Proliant 2500 does.
You didn't mention much about the hard drives though, so I thought I'd
throw the idea out there.


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