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nVidia and the Black Screen Problem... Continued


As it seems now one knows about the problem I'm having with my old nvidia TNT card (see mail below) I thought I'd keep you posted with updates of my attempts to correct this poblem so far. I'm compiling new kernel and installing 0.8174 modules to see if they solve the problem.

Meanwhile, can anyone recommend a card with open source drivers for a five year old machine? Emphasis on cheap here, I don't really play games much.

Thank you.  Steve


I have just recompiled my kernel, now running 2.4.27. I compiled the nvidia kernel from source 0.7174 (I have a TNT card) and the module installation went smoothly, nvidia-glx for 0.7174 was also installed. However, I now have a black screen whenever I try to run X with the nvidia driver and have to restart to get control back (can't get to any virtual screens either).

lilo.conf has the parameter "pci=noacpi" to fix the IRQ problem.

There are no errors reported in /var/log/Xorg.log.

I have searched for answers but all I have found is reports of similar problems. I'm stumped. Any ideas anyone?

Thank you.  Steve.

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