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Problem installing kde 3.5.0 on sid

Hi all, 

I have some kind of problem : 
I've added alioth repositories to my sources.list
but when I do an apt-get dist-upgrade, no package from kde are upgraded ...
When I try with aptitude, it shows that every 3.5.0 package is from an 
"Untrusted source" 

Well, I could install this by hand, but I believe it's not really satisfying 
(without talking about the time it will need). I've seen something maybe 
about apt-key ?
Do I need to configure apt-key? (and How if I don't find it in the man page?)
where can I find alioth pkg-kde key if there is one ? (I didn't find any 
Realease.gpg on alioth server...)

I believe I'm missing one or two steps...
anyone could give me hints please?



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