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Cannot connect to internet or printer

I have sarge in a P3 computer. For months I have been able from it to connect to the internet and also to print through a print server using CUPS.

Since boot-up on Sunday morning 18 December I was able to connect to the internet and print. Suddenly, by Sunday evening was unable to do either.

I tested the connections by pingng both the gateway and the print server -- successfully. Dmesg showed that eth0 is up and running. I was also able to connect to the internet and print through the print server from two other computers, both Windows. Other than using Konqueror, the only operations I performed just before this breakdown was to install the equivs package and remove xprint.

I have concluded that there is a software problem in the P3 computer, but do not know what to look for. I would appreciate any and all suggestions.
				Ken Heard
				Toronto, Canada

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