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RE: [SPAM] Re: Internet Connection

Hi Johannes,


I have worked on /etc/network/interfaces and so will check to see if I messed up there.


Many thanks.




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Ed Paris wrote:


>  Hi There,


> I had to reinstall Debian from my cd-rom.  In the earlier install (from the

> same cd-rom), I could connect to the Internet through my Windows XP laptop

> with no problem.  They are connected by a Cat5 Crossover cable between their

> Ethernet cards.  Now, after the reinstall, I cannot connect to the outside

> world from my Debian system.  I pinged each system from the other and the

> Ethernet connection is good.  I tried to use apt-get update and the error

> message said that apt could not resolve the name of the destination computer

> to get the updates.  I connected to the destination computer with the laptop

> easily so it is there and running.


Have you configured your nameserver and/or gateway and/or proxy correctly?




I need no proxy myself so I don't know in which file to set it up.




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