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RE: [SPAM] Re: Internet Connection

Hi Arden,


I have only one dial-up line.  The Linux machine is intended to be an in-house server with only occasionally being used to go outside.  One of the outside purposes being to get updates. 


I will try to ping the outside from Linux and let you know the results.


I will try to use the Linux box without going through the laptop and let you know shortly.


Many thanks.




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>  Hi There,


> I had to reinstall Debian from my cd-rom.  In the earlier install (from the

> same cd-rom), I could connect to the Internet through my Windows XP laptop

> with no problem.  They are connected by a Cat5 Crossover cable between their

> Ethernet cards.  Now, after the reinstall, I cannot connect to the outside

> world from my Debian system.  I pinged each system from the other and the

> Ethernet connection is good.  I tried to use apt-get update and the error

> message said that apt could not resolve the name of the destination computer

> to get the updates.  I connected to the destination computer with the laptop

> easily so it is there and running.


> I ran apt-setup as root and it did not work.  I get through the connection

> type (using http), the mirror country (US), get to the mirror selection

> (cudlug.cudenver.edu or debian.uchicago.edu), get to the proxy screen (leave

> blank like I used to do), and the next page has an error that says "Failed

> to fetch" then a paragraph that I do not understand (I'm still a newbie) but

> the final line says that "some index files failed to download, they have

> been ignored, or old ones used instead."


> I ran the Home/Small Office Network Wizard on Windows like I did the first

> time, but this time it made no difference.


> Obviously, I did something seriously wrong during the install that I cannot

> seem to fix.  Do any of you have ideas as to what I can do to fix this

> connection?  Any assistance you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

> Thanks.


> Take care,


> Ed


let me get this right your using a windoze laptop as a gateway for you linux box ?


why is the first thing ive got to ask? that aside


you say you can ping the laptop can you ping outside world past the laptop?


what happens if you connect direct to the debian box without the laptop ?





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