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Re: How to bring HD activity to a minimum

On 21 Dec 2005, David A. wrote:

> Hello,
> since spring I run Debian on a EPIA PD-6000E, a complete fanless
> system. Noise is a big issue since it's running in my bedroom.

network boot, booting off compact flash, booting off usb will make that
box "quiet", or boot a distro off /boot and no other directories on the hd

disks makes noises because its mechanical and syslogd is not necessarily
the major user of disk read/writes

if you have 256MB or more of memory, everything fits into memory
including minimal x11 + kde + network
	- ie .. bootable CF, bootable usb, network boot, etc
	( no moving parts.. no fans .. no power supply noise either )

c ya

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