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Re: How to bring HD activity to a minimum


since spring I run Debian on a EPIA PD-6000E, a complete fanless
system. Noise is a big issue since it's running in my bedroom.
I use "noflushd -n 5" to spin down hd, noflushd is "aptable".
I also use ext2.

"man syslog.conf" - there are some options here to sinlence syslogd.
"man syslogd" - use "-m 0" switch to get rid of marks in logfile.

"ls -lart /var/log" - check to se other stuff that write logs.

I have not yet managed to make use of syslog in a way that I like. When
I get upset/disturbed I simply "sudo kill" the syslogd....
I know this HD-spindown is an issue for lots of people - a FAQ or
something for Debian-silence would be nice.

regards David.

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