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Re: How to bring HD activity to a minimum

On Tue, 2005-12-20 at 22:40 +0100, MrVanes wrote:
> Can anybody tell me where to look or how to find out what process is writing
> to (or reading from) the HD that makes spindown in a single HD system
> impossible?
> I use a homebrewn kernel (2.6.14). Is or are there kernel option(s) that
> check the filesystem that I can (should) disable like inotify or dnotify?

Try mounting your filesystems with the 'noatime' option. 

By default, each time a file is accessed, regardless of whether it is
already loaded into memory, the kernel will update the access time file
attribute, causing a disk write. Most people don't ever use this
information so it should be safe to turn it off.

I shouldn't think this would be the cause of all the disk activity but
you should see a noticeable reduction (as I did on one of my systems).



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