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Re: OT: Leet-speak WAS:[Help with Linux selection please?]

On Wednesday 21 December 2005 12:25, Steve Lamb wrote:
> Kent West wrote:
> > Aaron's right; list communications should be conducted in understandable
> > language; but on the other hand, I think that whereas it's okay to scold
> > the offender slightly, we should not knee-jerk react by marking his
> > input as unworthy of attention.
>     I disagree.  Simply put if someone cannot bother to put some effort
> into making their writing moderately comprehensible why should I be
> expected to put any effort into decyphering it?

Especially if the intent of "l33t" speak is to simply show off how "g33ky" you 
are, and demonstrate your technical skills.  Such childish behaviour would 
certainly be irritating to those who actually *are* very, very aquanted with 
computers (programming, administration, etc).

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