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Re: Shutdown w/o root password.

Glenn English wrote:
On Mon, 2005-12-19 at 20:40 -0500, Roby wrote:
Gabriel wrote:

Why I don't need to supply the root password to shutdown the computer
from gnome?...
I've been searching for any option related but didn't find any.

Any idea?

I don't use gnome, but here's one way.  If /etc/sudoers includes:

username  ALL=NOPASSWD:  /sbin/halt

and the shutdown calls sudo halt
The only user in my sudoers is root.
Another: gdm is a startup script, so it's running as root. And it starts
gnome, so that is too. So when you log out, you're talking to root??

So you mean that whenever I use Gnome I'm running with root permissions? That's not possible, I cannot think about a worst security problem than this.
Anyway, why when I use KDE it doesn't happen? GDM starts KDE too, so it should be the same.

Gabriel Parrondo
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