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Re: OT: Leet-speak WAS:[Help with Linux selection please?]

Kent West wrote:
Aaron Stromas wrote:

On 12/20/05, *Kent West* <westk@acu.edu <mailto:westk@acu.edu>> wrote:

    I've known plenty of "kids"[1] who speak leet who are
    [ otherwise ;-) ] very smart.

choosing to communicate in an incomprehensible way on the wide public forum doesn't strike me as particularly smart.

Agreed; but I didn't say the practice was smart; I just suggested that it's a bit harsh to claim that a person is not worth listening to simply because he does something not "particularly smart", which is what the original post about leet-speak implied. With that logic, we might conclude that the inventor of the cure for cancer is not worth listening to just because he likes to do his own tattoing on his own backside (which most would deem, I suspect, as not particularly smart).

Chinook: sorry we've hijacked your thread. We're all one big, happy family on this list, and like all families, sometimes get into interesting side discussions. Usually they don't last too long (although sometimes . . .), and most of the time they are fairly civil.

Aaron's right; list communications should be conducted in understandable language; but on the other hand, I think that whereas it's okay to scold the offender slightly, we should not knee-jerk react by marking his input as unworthy of attention.

just for the record, since I'm the one who started the leet speak on this thread. it was a joke. I don't use it in any context except as a joke. Frankly, I have to spend lots of time figuring it out when I see it as it doesn't compute in my head. Thankfully, Chinook got it and laughed... phew.

now back to my 733t m4d hax0rs skillz



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