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Re: virtual machines

Rakotomandimby Mihamina wrote:

I have a test machine, on wich I use to package and test packages.
I package both for Fedora and for Debian.
For the moment, I use multiboot.

But I am tired to reboot each time I want to switch distribution.
I intend to buy some amount of RAM and then try to use virtual machine.
I really begin on that subject. I never did||setup "virtual machines".
I would like to run Debian (unstable or testing) as "layer" and then run
the virtual machine on top of it, and then have one virtual Fedora and
one virtual Debian so that I can compile and switch from one to another
without having to reboot.

What virtual machine would work well on a Debian (Wen? Qemu?...)? whith
a well intergrated Debian package, and a howto espacially for Debian...

Thank you for any idea.

There are several tools that you could use: vserver, UML, Xen, Qemu, VMWare,...

I've used qemu, UML and VMWare but couldn't get Xen to run. Of those, VMWare is the easiest to setup but it's a commercial product. I found UML also very easy to setup and have some UML VM's running on my server.

I however plan to have a closer look at vserver since the setup of a vserver machine also seems very easy (have read some howto's) and their are specific Debian howto's of it. Most of the projects mentioned have Debian specific howto's. Vserver is reported to use less resources than the others but i can't verify it as i don't have that running at the moment.


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