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Re: Using Linux on old Dell Latitude XPi CD

--- Andrei Popescu <andreimp@rdslink.ro> wrote:

> You can boot from floppies and do a net-install, no
> CD at all. Of course you can also use the CD if you
> want.
> Debian should run just fine in 2 gig, just select
> packages carefully (don't use the Desktop task, do
> the manual package selection).

I downloaded 4 floppy images and wrote them. The boot
process was going just fine until I came to the net
detect part. I tried to detect with DHCP, which
normally works without a hitch. This time, it said the
autoconfig failed. I tried a manual setup and that
wouldn't do it either. The net drivers seem to load
correctly, as it starts PC Card services and does not
give an error. I cannot access any Debian mirrors. Any
suggestions on how to get the network to go? TX

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