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Re: [OT] good laptops

On Sun, Dec 18, 2005 at 03:39:35AM -0500, Brenden Eng wrote:

> I just bought a Thinkpad T43p (2668-H8U) and I am currently running Debian
> Unstable on it.
> Everything works, bar the odd SATA->PATA converter that IBM stuck on.  I am
> happy with it.
> There are plenty of resources for thinkpad users with linux (ex.
> thinkwiki.org)
> The laptops are rock solid, the Lenovo acquisition of the Thinkpad line did
> not seem to affect quality of the products.

Another vote here for Debian on Thinkpads.  I have 11 Thinkpad 600Es now
(including those I got for family members), and still haven't had any failures
of any kind after two years, and we're talking about 7 year old machines!
There are some quirks with the older models like the 600E, but there are
workarounds well publicized on the web.  They make great VNC servers, and
they're very cheap (<$200 on Ebay).  I use one as my redundant server in case
my main home server goes down, and I was amazed to find out that I can run 3
VNC desktops, apache, exim, bind, asterisk, KDE, firefox, etc all on an
ancient laptop.  It was a little slow, of course, but the fact that it could
run all these things without bogging down to a halt is amazing.  

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