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Re: one last little step...

On Mon, 19 Dec 2005 18:43:41 -0700
Glenn English <ghe@slsware.com> wrote:

> I'm setting up local partial mirrors. Debmirror keeps telling me that
> the repository can't be confirmed. Evidently I need something called
> apt-key to 'install' these key files.
> But where is apt-key? 
> Google finds many hits on apt-key, all telling me that all I have to do
> is... It's not in Martin Krafft's index. It's not in any of the man
> pages I could find. Next step is to cat all those pools together and
> grep them...
> Or is -key a CLI option (it's been a long day)???
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I have apt-key already installed:
Usage: apt-key [command] [arguments]

Manage apt's list of trusted keys

  apt-key add <file>          - add the key contained in <file> ('-' for stdin)
  apt-key del <keyid>         - remove the key <keyid>
  apt-key update              - update keys using the keyring package
  apt-key list                - list keys

The man-page is there also

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