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Re: [OT] good laptops

On 12/13/05, Rob Benton <rob.benton@conwaycorp.net> wrote:
I was wondering what everyone's opinion was on a good quality laptop.  I
bought a Dell desktop for my mom almost a year ago and it wasn't such a
good deal.  So any place that takes trade-ins is a plus.  I'm not really
worried about compatibility with Linux since she'll only be using

I just bought a Thinkpad T43p (2668-H8U) and I am currently running Debian Unstable on it.
Everything works, bar the odd SATA->PATA converter that IBM stuck on.  I am happy with it.

There are plenty of resources for thinkpad users with linux (ex. thinkwiki.org)

The laptops are rock solid, the Lenovo acquisition of the Thinkpad line did not seem to affect quality of the products.

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