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Re: Question on backups using rsync

On Monday 19 December 2005 11:44 am, Mike McCarty wrote:
> It looks like you also don't have /backup on there. What
> else did you not mention that you don't put on your backups?

Nothing else <g> /backup is a mountpoint for /dev/sda1
> "Can I, starting with a bare-metal machine, do a standard
> install and then recover my machine using this backup?"
> The answer to the first is "it depends", and the answer to the
> second is "no".

Well how about using a mondo-rescue of everything except /home
for reasons of size, and then once mondo has repartitioned/formated/
reinstalled everything then restoring my more current rsync.

IMO, the primary historical significance of Unix is that it marks the time in
computer history where CPUs became so cheap that it was possible to build an
operating system without adult supervision.
                         -- Russ Holsclaw in a.f.c

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