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Re: Question on backups using rsync

On (19/12/05 10:17), Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> moving slightly OT, but I was thinking the other day about my critical 
> backups. they arent very big, a few MB. I currently backup to another 
> machine on my network, which I know is not really secure. (why would the 
> fire only burn half the office? why would the thief only take one of 
> three machines? etc). So I've got 10 megs of space on an unused website. 
> can you use rsync with ftp somehow and get an automated backup to that 
> location? hmm....

I suspect that there is a potentially lucrative business lurking in
there somewhere.  I've been trying to find a debian hosting service that
would fulfil this need; the sticking point is disk space.  You don't
need much of a machine or any fancy services (our backups run on a
cronjob using rsync) but the current backup files comprise some 65Gb
(including snapshots going back 6months).  This is about twice the
volume of files being backed up.  Most services we explored get quite
expensive at that sort of size.  I guess co-location is the answer.



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