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Re: Silicon Image 3114 and Seagate?

On Sun, 18 Dec 2005, Roberto Sanchez wrote:

Don Hayward wrote:
Hi Roberto,

On Sun, 18 Dec 2005, Roberto Sanchez wrote:

I am getting ready to purchase a system that has the Silicon Image 3114 SATA controller. I understand that it is well supported, even by the default kernel in Sarge. However, I was also planning on getting some Seagate Barracuda drives. Based on some things I found via a Google search [0], I am a bit hesitant to get that combination. Does anyone on the list have any firsthand experience with Barracuda drives on a 3114 controller? What have you encountered?

I have three systems on Tyan S2875 (Dual Opteron) boards with sil 3114
chips all carrying 4 Barracuda drives.  Two have had no problems.  The
other is the oldest and has had a variety of issues.  I lately flashed
the bios to the latest version and installed amd64 etch from the beta
install image (2.6.12 I believe) and things have been stable since.

OK. Thanks. I am getting ready to buy a couple of GX28 (2882 based) systems. I am glad to hear that they work. Since I am getting newer drives and newer systems, I imagine that I should not have any trouble. However, to be clear, you are running Sarge on these systems?

Two are etch, one is sarge.  The sarge and one etch started out as
sid before the sarge release.  The sarge was downgraded to sarge after
release.  The reinstall has always been etch.

Also, did you run into any trouble with the installer detecting anything? I was planning on doing the Sarge amd64 netinstall. I have read conflicting reports about compatibility with the broadcom ethernet devices. Was that an

Sorry, I have no experience with broadcom -- My LAN interfaces are
Intel 82541 which gave no problem.


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